Beacon Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading drug makers in Bangladesh, underscored the need for rising awareness among mass people about lung problems and promoting its better health until death.

The call for rising awareness about the lung and its rapid swelling came in a seminar held on September 26 in Dhaka marking the World Lung Day 2021.

Beacon Pharmaceuticals, also a one and only ontological drug producer in the country, arranged the programme at its Motijheel Corporate office where experts from different hospitals and institutions took part.

On 25 September 2017, the World Lung Day was observed formally for the first time all over the world and Bangladesh Lung Foundation is the only organization which signed on the charter.

Since then, the World Lung Day has been observing on September 25 every year across the world to create awareness among mass people about the lung, its complications and rapid recovery from the lung-related diseases.

To mark the day, Beacon Pharma held the seminar titled “Know Your Lung” with Mohammad Ebadul Karim, managing director of the company, in the chair.

Taking part in the discussion, Prof. Dr. Md. Rashidul Hassan, former president of National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital (NIDCH), thanked the Beacon Pharma for arranging such discussion.

Such programme will help people to be aware and educate about lung health and its diseases and also will show them a guideline to eradicate the risk factors of lung diseases, he said.

Citing several public welfare activities of the company, Rashidul Hassan, also former president of Bangladesh Lung Foundation (BLF), said Beacon Pharma comes forward when people become disoriented in the outbreak of new diseases like coronavirus.

While addressing the seminar, Ebadul Karim, called upon people to breathe clean air and take regular exercise, staying away from tobacco items to keep their lungs healthy.

To reduce the lung-related diseases, Ebadul Karim recommends community action and public education on the lung cancer risk factors.

He said his company has come up with several medicines including cancer products to serve people and these medicines have benefited many people in home and abroad.

Lung cancer remains a topic for concern as it is 25 percent responsible for all cancer-related deaths.

According to the World Health Organization, each year, more people die of lung cancer than of colon, breast, and liver cancers combined.

In 2020, there were 2.21 million new cases of lung cancer and 1.80 million deaths worldwide and the rate of lung cancer is dropping now because of the tobacco cessation efforts.