The Bangladesh government has donated emergency Covid-19 medicines to help saving lives, stopping spread and transmission of the deadly virus and meeting health needs for the people of Indonesia.

Beacon Pharma, one of the leading private pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh, has donated the medicines to make the government’s efforts in supporting the brotherly people of Indonesia successful.

The consignment of the essential medicines was sent on August 7, 2021 as the Coronavirus situation has already taken a worsening turn in the country recently.

These medicines, sent in the spirit of friendship, have been provided in line with the directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


In the process, Bangladesh wants to remain committed in standing beside the people of Indonesia and other South-East Asian countries.

The Embassy of Bangladesh in Jakarta has handed over the medicines to the local authorities to accelerate the country’s efforts to deal with the evolving coronavirus situation.

Beacon Pharmaceuticals, also a leading oncology drug maker in Bangladesh, is committed in standing beside people in home and abroad on humanitarian ground.

As parts of its charitable works, Beacon Pharma donated medicines to Palestine in May 2021 to help save lives and treat individuals in the war affected country.