Manufactures Latest Anti-Cancer Drugs

Beacon is the first company in Bangladesh to start manufacture of cancer drugs. For last 6 years, Beacon has established itself as the number one oncology company of Bangladesh. The company manufactures about 50 oncology molecules and 20 more latest anti-cancer drugs are in pipeline.

Besides the conventional chemotherapy drugs, Beacon manufactures all the latest oncology products like Monoclonal Antibody (MABs), Oral targeted Therapies, Nano and liposomal technology products.

In addition to the anti-cancer drugs, Beacon also manufactures many of the supportive drugs required for cancer treatment like-Zolidronic Acid, Filgrastim and Pegfilgrastim injection. Beacon has a dedicated oncology Plant where all these cancer drugs are manufactured. After meeting the local demand, Beacon exports its cancer drugs to different countries. To meet the increasing global and local demand, Beacon is setting up 2nd oncology plant, which will be a USFDA complaint facility.

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