Cabozanix  (cabozantinib)

Cabozatinib is a multi-targeted broad-spectrum anticancer drug. The targets that can be inhibited include at least 9 such as MET, VEGFR1/2/3, ROS1, RET, AXL, NTRK, and KIT.


Cabotinib has a wide range of indications, including:
(1) for advanced kidney cancer that has undergone anti-angiogenic therapy;
(2) for medullary thyroid cancer that cannot be surgically removed;
(3) for use with Dorje US-resistant liver cancer patients
(4) for advanced prostate cancer patients with bone metastases

Product Name        : Cabozanix

Generic Name        : cabozantinib
Formulation         : Capsules

Available Pack size :

Strengths           : 20 mg or 80 mg

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