Product Description: Erythropoietin is an endogenous glycoprotein that stimulates red blood cell production. Erythropoietin alfa (rch) is purified from a Chinese hamster ovary cell line into which the gene coding for human erythropoietin has been inserted. The molecular weight is about 30,400 daltons and the protein moiety, a single chain polypeptide of 165 amino acids, has a molecular weight of 18,244 daltons. The carbohydrate moiety with three N-linked and one 0-linked carbohydrate groups corresponds to a weight fraction of approximately 40%. Erythropoietin alfa (rch) is indistinguishable from human erythropoietin in biological activity and immunological reactivity.

Product Features:

Product Name : Eposis
Generic Name : Erythropoietin
Formulation : Prefilled Injection
Available Pack Size : 1’s
Available Strengths : 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 IU
Registrations : Bangladesh