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Covid-19 Patients: Favipiravir effective in Dhaka trial

The Bangladesh Society of Medicine (BSM) has found effectiveness of Favipiravir as a clinically proven drug for the treatment of Covid-19 patient. After ending trial in Wuhan province of China and Russia, the Dhaka trial revealed similar effectiveness of Favipiravir in treating Covid-19 infected patients. The BSM found around 96 percent patients to be Covid-19 [...]

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Beacon produces antiviral drug Favipiravir to fight Covid-19

Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited has developed an antiviral drug Favipiravir, better known as Avigan, accelerating treatment for the people infected with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). In 2014, Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Company invented the drug first in Japan and the drug was used in treating the people who were infected with Ebola virus, said a press release [...]

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